A typical livestreaming kit includes…

We tailor everything to suit your event, and can bring additional equipment as required to best cover your event specifics.

And our team…

producer will control the livestream from a production desk.  This is typically positioned at the back of the event where they have full visibility to co-ordinate the stream and team.

Camera operators who will operate both mobile and fixed cameras.  For smaller events we may only have a single operator, with the majority of cameras on tripods.

For events with live music or performances we will typically bring an audio engineer who will take care of the finer details of mic setup, acoustics, backing and live mixing.

Larger events may have a production assistant who will assist in co-ordinating the team, setting up equipment, changing out lenses and other assorted tasks.


Talk to our experienced team about your event.  Our expert streaming directors are here to provide obligation-free quotes and advice.

We can provide anything from a single-camera, single operator stream, right up to a large-scale multi-camera setup, complete with production team.  No event too large or small.