Speakers and presenters from afar

Just because you can’t be there in person, doesn’t mean that the audience won’t hear what you have to say!*
(*Subject matter pending, we can’t promise everyone will listen… especially when you get carried away geeking out about cameras – believe us.)

We specialise in 2-way streaming – providing the ability to teleconference in remote speakers from anywhere around the world…

  • A family member or friend overseas can speak at your wedding ceremony or reception
  • A presenter from an overseas, or remote office can conduct a presentation (PowerPoint slides and all) from wherever they may be
  • Guests can be invited to be present on-screen at the event to participate in open forums, voting or other interactive events


Screens, projectors and even Video walls

We put you on “the big screen” – live at the event for all to see

Our team can provide a broad range of options to show your remote presenters at your event.  We can offer a range of options:

  • Large 70″ TV   (fitted to speaker stands, adjustable height – great for on stage)
  • Medium 42″ TV   (on a mobile stand with wheels – perfect for wedding speakers)
  • Projector up to 100″ (suitable for indoor events only, pending lighting)
  • *Massive* LED Video Walls – customisable sizes up to meters in size (perfect for outdoor events or conferences)
  • If the venue already has projectors or screens, we can connect to these.

Mixed format livestreaming

Invite the majority of your guests to watch only, while having a limited group present on the 2-way stream with a mixed-format stream.

In most cases, you won’t want everyone present on the screen at your event.  There may just be a select few, such as your family, or team members who should be 2-way, while the rest watch on.

With a mixed-format Livestream, we provide two different links to be provided to each group of people.  One will be the standard 1-way stream, while the other while bring speakers into the 2-way stream.


Talk to our experienced team about your event.  Our expert streaming directors are here to provide obligation-free quotes and advice.

We can provide anything from a single-camera, single operator stream, right up to a large-scale multi-camera setup, complete with production team.  No event too large or small.